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Ah yes, the flute

that’s a trumpet

That’s bass drum, come on guys

Come on guys I know a trombone when I see one

It’s a fucking tuba obviously. 

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In Roman community baths, it was customary for men to stand and applaud when a well-endowed peer entered the water.

why are men so weird everywhere always (x)

i just imagined this and cannot stop laughing

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A history lesson you won’t get in school

This is really important.

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Finished watching yesterday.

I need to practice my traditional skills… i’ve fallen behind on trad so much…

I’m so happy i’ll be out of this place in a month, internet connection drives me NUTS.

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You know which kids suffer in this world, Melanie? The onces who are told they’re different. The onse who aren’t given the opportunity to succeed alongside every other kid their age. And I’ll be damned if i label my child “less than” so that the rest of the world can put her in a box and dismiss her before she’s had a chance to succeed in life.

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Where is he? Where’s the Fire Lord?! 

I was originally going to do this set with a focus on Azula’s side of this fight, but when I was watching the scene over I realized there was a visual difference in Aang’s fighting (at least to me - been a while since I’ve seen these episodes.) He’s focused, more aggressive than usual. He goes for Azula and keeps going at her, not even the Dai Li agents can stop him and his team. Azula is the only one who can tell him where the Fire Lord is, and that information is the only thing that is stopping him from fixing his mistake in Ba Sing Se. Aang is determined to get that information, and he’s going to try to get it with everything he has.

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sometimes i remember 


and i cant stop laughing to myself

my favourite line comes right after that


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